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Sno Biz Mason: Psychedelic Snow Swirl Tee - Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

Sno Biz Mason: Psychedelic Snow Swirl Tee - Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

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Cool Vibes, Warm Hearts: Wear it Boldly, Support Generously!

Celebrate the Psychedelic Snow Swirl Tee. Show your support. Express your love. Because at psychedelicBRANDz and Sno Biz Mason, style and community are intertwined.

Indulge in a whirl of refreshing style and community spirit with our specially crafted 'Psychedelic Snow Swirl Tee', exclusively for Sno Biz Mason.

This shirt is more than a bold style statement - it's a canvas that paints a vibrant picture of our cherished community, Meigs County, Ohio (and surrounding counties). Crafted with a unique psychedelic aesthetic, this shirt encapsulates the chill vibes and unforgettable flavors of Sno Biz Mason. The dynamic, colorful patterns, reminiscent of their delightful shaved ice, burst in a kaleidoscope of colors that reflect the energy and unity of our community.

But the 'Psychedelic Snow Swirl Tee' is more than a celebration of Sno Biz Mason - it's a symbol of our unwavering commitment to local causes. We are proud to announce that 100% of the profits from this tee will be used to purchase supplies and other necessities to be directly donated to The Meigs County Canine Rescue and Adoption Center.

Wear the 'Psychedelic Snow Swirl Tee' and you'll not only be sporting a unique piece of fashion that lights up any room, but you'll also be making a direct contribution to a cause close to our hearts. Each shirt sold brings us a step closer to creating a better world for our local canine friends.

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